Safety + Health

Develop and deliver customized safety and health trainings for your staff and members, such as:

  • Using Contract Language to Strengthen Members’ Safety and Health in the Workplace
    Geared toward chief negotiators, leadership, and bargaining teams
  • Safety and Health – a California Primer
    A malleable introductory general industry presentation that covers CCR T8 3203 Injury and Illness Prevention Program and how to best utilize Cal/OSHA 
  • Safety and Health Rights at Work for Union Stewards
    General industry training for both new and existing stewards with the motivation of moving them to take on specific safety and health issues at their workplaces
  • Workplace Safety and Health: Right to Know, Right to Protection, Right to Act
    Highlights safety and health laws and specific Cal/OSHA regulations covering most workers in California
  • Workplace Safety and Health: Educating, Mobilizing, and Organizing around Safety and Health
    Geared toward organizers, reps, and the most active members
  • Workplace Violence Prevention: California Healthcare Workers
    A presentation on the occupational hazard of workplace violence, specifically targeted to California healthcare workers
  • Train-the-Trainer (40-hr) – Labor Safety and Health Training Projectl urriculum produced by the Labor Safety and Health Training Project, National Labor College *NOTE – Modules are stand alone and may be done in any order
    Worker and Union Roles in Safety and Health
    Identifying Hazards in the Workplace
    Health and Safety Rights of Workers and Their Unions
    Introduction to Ergonomics
    Effective Safety and Health Committees.

Provide safety and health research and analysis.

Propose safety and health contract language.